Profile Directions

1) Download the Ravens Profile Master from the Dropbox folder to YOUR Computer

2) Send the MS Word Document to your teams girls.

3) Have them Edit the PURPLE Text  (add activities/sports/awards etc), save and send back to you.

Head shots:

1) Have a parent shoot a GOOD Head shot of them in their Ravens jersey.

(use the sample as a guide)

2) Make sure each one is cropped to 4x6 in whatever photo program you have.

3) Copy & Paste into the upper right corner of the each girls Profile.

Coaches quote:

Have your coaches send you a nice quote on each girl.  Copy/Paste that into the box on the bottom of the page.



Save the Document as a PDF..or Print it as a PDF. Your computer may vary.

Upload to Website.

  1. Open the SITE TAB

  2. Click the CONTENT tab


  4. Open the 2016 Folder

  5. Open the 2016 Profiles folder

  6. In the lower Left, click the BLUE Upload files button

  7. (Pick the PDFs on your computer.  You can do one at a time or in a bunch if you want)

Link them

  1. On your teams ROSTER page, Highlight the girl to profile

  2. Click the small LINK logo on the top of the webpage

  3. Select FILE STORED ON THIS SITE (at the bottom of the box)

  4. Pick the PDF you want
  5. You'll know the link is GOOD if the color turns BLUE.

You are ALL SET now.

Email Wim Cassard with any questions.


The Basics:

  1. Edit the doc
  2. Save as PDF
  3. Upload to the website
  4. Link to the Teams Roster 

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