Who We Are:

Ravens Club Lacrosse focuses on both the athletic and personal development of female lacrosse players. 

As a non-profit organization every player and parent is given the opportunity to play an integral role in the organization and on their team. 

Ravens coaches are all female college lacrosse graduates that are passionate about sharing their love for the sport, while taking their job as a role model and mentor extremely seriously. Ravens coaches have all been through the collegiate recruiting process and are able to provide valuable insights during, what can often be, a trying and confusing experience. 

The Ravens Lacrosse coaching method has a tradition of success; having placed athletes at all levels of collegiate lacrosse for over 10 years.


What Makes Ravens Different: 

All of our coaches are former women's collegiate lacrosse players.

We only have one team per age group: Our focus is on quality, not quantity.  With "only" one team per age group, we can maximize our efforts on total player development

Our players only try-out once: As long as our players continue to show improvement and effort, they will retain their spot and never have to try-out again.

We offer winter training with a certified athletic trainer to improve strength, speed, agility and stickwork before school try-outs

The coaches provide each player with a written evaluation of strengths and opportunities for improvement at then end of summer and fall season.

All teams practice at the same time: allowing for club-wide clinics during practices (e.g. goalie training;  draw controls) 

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